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Internal Thread High Sensitivity Steam Reducing Valve

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Internal thread high sensitivity steam reducing valves
Internal thread high sensitivity steam reducing valves

Structural features and function

This series of pressure relief valve belongs to pilot piston reducing valve. It consist of two parts the main valve and pilot valve. The main valve is mainly constituted by seat, main valve disc, piston and springs. Pilot Valve consists mainly of seat and disc diaphragm, spring, adjust springs. Through adjusting spring pressure regulating outlet pressure, using diaphragm sensing outlet pressure changes,
And through the pilot valve on-and-off driven piston to adjust the size of flowing area at the throttle part, realizing pressure reducing and stabilizing function.
This series of products is based on the ordinary reducing valve on the following improvement, increase the piston area, changed the throttle structure, change the sealing, improved the pilot valve structure and
Adjusting spring form, thus to improve the performance of the product from the following aspects.
1 improve the sense efficiency of the outlet pressure changes,and improve the sensitivity, greatly reduce the stress error due to the change of upstream pressure, flow changes and etc.
2 improve the flow distribution and reduce the noise.
3.Improved seal structure and prolong the life.
This product is mainly used for steam pipe, applicable to the steam pipe with big inlet pressure change and big flow change.

Dimensions & constructral diagram

Internal thread high sensitivity steam reducing valve constructral diagram
Internal thread high sensitivity steam reducing valve constructral diagram

Main technical parameter and performance norm

nominal pressure (Mpa) 1.0 1.6
casing body test pressure(Mpa)* 1.5 2.4
sealing test pressure (Mpa) 1.0 1.6
max. inlet pressure (Mpa) 1.0 1.6
outlet presure range (Mpa) 0.04-0.6 0.04-1.0
pressure property deviation (Mpa)△Pp2P GB12246-1989
flow property deviation (Mpa)P2G GB12246-1989
min. pressure difference (Mpa) 0.05 0.07
leakage quantity GB12245-1989

Material of main parts

name of part material of parts
body, bonnet, bottom cap WCB
valve seat, disc 2Cr13
cylinder sleeve, piston Al-Fe bronze
diaphragm PH15-7Mo
piston ring para-position polyphenyl
pilot seat, pilot valve disc 2Cr13
main valve spring 50CrVA
pilot main spring 50CrVA
adjust spring 60Si2Mn

Flowrate factor (Cv)

DN 15 20 25 32 40 50
Cv 1 2.5 4 6.5 9 16

YG13H/Y series connective dimensions

nominal diameter G L H H1
15 1/2" 140 160 65
20 3-4" 140 160 65
25 1" 160 168 68
32 1-1/4" 180 185 75
40 1-1/2" 200 185 78
50 2" 230 193 88
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