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Reducing valve basic performance and design standards

Basic performance

1) Pressure regulating range: it refers to the adjustable range of reducing valve output pressure P2, the required accuracy need to be reached in this context. The pressure regulating range mainly relates to the stiffness of the pressure regulating spring.
(2) Pressure characteristics: it refers to when the flow g is the fixed value, due to input pressure fluctuation to cause output pressure fluctuation characteristics. The smaller output pressure fluctuation the better reducing valve characteristics. The output pressure must be less than the input pressure certain value- it basically does not change with the input pressure
(3) Flow characteristics: it refers to when the input pressure is fixed, the output pressure changes with the change of output flow g. When the flow g changes, the smaller output pressure changes is better. Generally the lower the output pressure, it changes litter with output flow change fluctuations.

design standard

standard code standarad name
JIS B3372-1982 compressed air reducing valve
JIS B8410-1990 watercourse reducing valve
GB/T 10868-1989 power plant tenperature and pressure reducing techinical condition
GB/T 12244-1989 general conditions of reducing valve
GB/T 12245-1989 reducing valve performance test method
GT/T 12246-1989 pilot reducing valve
CB/T 3656-1994 water reducing valve
CB/T 3656-1994 marine air reducing valve
ASTM F1370-1992 marine water supply system reducing valve
JB/T 53265-1994 pilot reducing product quality grading
AWWA C511-1992 decompression and anti-reflux valve components
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