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Reducing valve installation requirements

1. Valve installation should be taken after pressure test in the water supply pipe network, and washing qualified.
2. Reducing valves should be checked before installation: its specification and types should be consistent with design; external valve control piping and pilot valve each connecting parts should not be loosen; appearance should be no mechanical damage, and should remove sewage inner valve.
3. reducing valve flow direction should be consistent with the water supply pipe network flow
4. Shall be installed filter in the inlet side, and should install control valves before and after the filter.
5. Adjustable reducing valve is suitable for horizontal installation, the bonnet should upward.
6. Proportional pressure reducing valve should be vertical installed; when horizontal installation, single breathing hole reducing valve orifice should be downward, double breathing hole reducing valve orifice should be horizontal position.
7 When installing pressure reducing valve without the pressure gauge itself, you should install pressure gauge in its front and rear adjacent parts.

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