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Reducing valve Common Faults and exclude method

Failure phenomenon: pressure fluctuation instability

Failure Analysis:
1.Oil mixs air
2.Damping holes are sometimes blocked
3.Slide valve and valve body Kongyuan exceed the prescribed degrees, so that valve stuck
4.Spring deformation or jammed in the slide valve, makes slide valve movement difficult or spring is too soft
5.steel ball is not round, steel ball and seat match poor or cone is incorrect installed
Remove methods:
1.Exclude air in oil
2.Cleaning damping hole
3.repairing valve hole and slide valve
4.Replace Spring
5.Replace steel ball or open the cone valve for adjustment

Failure phenomenon: the second pressure rise is not high

Failure Analysis:
1.External leakage
2.the connection of Cone valve and valve seat is not well
1.Replace sealing parts, fastening screws, and to ensure torque evenly
2.Repair or replacement

Failure phenomenon: can not afford as reducing pressure

Failure Analysis:
1.Leaked oil port is not working; leaking pipe and return pipe are connected and with return oil pressure
2.The main spool is jamming when in the full open position.
1. leaking pipe must be separated from the oil return pipe, separately back into the fuel tank
2. Repair, replacing parts. Check the oil quality

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